Financial Aid

No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds (NOTAFLOF)

In recognition of the fact I have relied upon the grace of many teachers and organizations to make my own access to the study of astrology affordable through scholarships, financial aid and work study, I offer a no one turned away for lack of funds (NOTAFLOF) policy on select astrology services. 

This does not include coaching or extensive private work. If you need financial assistance for a coaching package please contact me. The NOTAFLOF policy is intended to be self-serve by following the directions on this page.

I am specifically committed to being accessible to the Ohlone people, the Non-monogamous community, the Trans community, the LGBTQIA2S+ community and the BIPOC community.

To ensure accessibility, I offer a "no one turned away for lack of funds" policy through a series of coupon codes that can be applied at checkout when booking eligible services. These coupon codes start with NOTAFLOF, followed by a number representing the percentage discount off the original price:

Simply copy the code above and paste it into the appropriate location during checkout.

I believe in the value of meaningful exchange. I have priced my services to be in alignment with contemporary services providers of a variety of services in my local geography. This NOTAFLOF policy is to help improve access to those in financial need. 

I am open to discussing alternative arrangements to ensure that my services remain accessible. I also support trade for services such as: other astrologers, therapists, body work, herbal medicine, landscaping, home services, art, and many others. Please ask.

In order to continue to make the policy of no one turned away for lack of funds available to those in need, please pay the full amount if your financial circumstances support it and give extra if you would like to help keep this policy available to others.

Please self determine your level of ability to pay relative to the services you use in your life and apply the appropriate discount code to reach a financial level that aligns with your situation. I am not in a position to judge your financial circumstances nor monitor whether you are being honest in your application. If I feel someone is taking advantage of this offer, I reserve the right to cancel the appointment and refund the payment.

If you feel I have provided value above and beyond what you have paid, or would like to support me in keeping the NOTAFLOF program in place you can offer any amount you like using the Offer Appreciation page.

Thank you for being a part of my community, and I look forward to serving you.