Astrology and Me

My Dance with Astrology

My astrological journey began in the early hours of June 25, 1983, during a partial lunar eclipse at 2:22 AM. This moment marked a profound initiation into the cosmic mysteries as I, just eight years old and soon to turn nine, was awakened by my mother to witness the three-way union of the sun, moon, and earth. Mars was just passed the North Node, transiting Uranus was in a degree based conjunction with my natal Neptune and transiting Pluto was with my natal Uranus. The enchanting glow of the celestial event, coupled with the alignment of Venus in Leo nearing her maximum elongation as an evening star and applying to a conjunction with my natal morning star Venus by a 1° 10’ orb, added an ethereal layer to my cosmic initiation, igniting my lifelong fascination with the stars and planets.

As a teenager, I danced with the earliest form of sky divination taught by my grandfather, a farmer. He taught me to read the sky to understand the best times to plant, hunt, fish and sail in a way which was reminiscent of the style of divination in ancient Babylonian times. This ancient wisdom influenced my approach to astrology, adding depth and traditional knowledge to my practice. My parents gave me my first "official" astrology book when I was 19. Throughout the more than 30 years since then, I have given hundreds, if not thousands, of readings to friends, family and clients, integrating divination systems like Tarot, I Ching, Palmistry, Gazing and Casting Lots and Runes into my astrological consultations.

While I was raised as a 6th generation Mormon, I was also drawn to divination from an early age, and as a teenager I studied everything from Plato, Socrates, The Masks of God and comparative mythology to occult magic, Vedic scriptures, Luciferianism (not what you might think), Theosophism and Western Mysticism. My thirst for knowldege was and still is insatiable. 

When I was twenty years old, I followed my strong attraction to spirituality and started a long journey to find truth and purpose. I explored various cultures, religions, and spiritual paths across the world. In the mid-1990s, I spent over a year in deep meditation and practice at Wat Suan Mokkh in Thailand, following the teachings of Ajahn Buddhadasa under guidance from Ajahn Poh, Ajahn Meti, and Ajahn Santikaro, with influences from Ajahn Sumedho who came from the tradition of Ajahn Chah. Although I considered becoming a Theravadan Forest Monastic, I eventually found my spiritual home in the Nyingma school and Dudjom Lineage of Vajrayana Buddhism under Lama Tharchin Rinpoche and continue to practice in this tradition.

In October of 2017, I experienced a pivotal moment when I felt the pull of Chiron in a profound call to utilize my astrology knowledge for positive impact. Sitting at my kitchen table in Palo Alto, California, a dear friend brought her ephemeris out to review and instantly I found myself experiencing the pull of the planets in a way that at once felt powerful, healing and intentional. This moment marked a significant turning point in my journey as I deepened my study and intensified my own personal practice and philosophical conclusions around the application of the archetypes of the planets.

I have self studied various veins of astrology, including modern Jungian based astrology, through the writings of prominent astrologers such as Dane Rudhyar, Liz Greene, and Richard Tarnas. I have also swum in the ocean of evolutionary astrology through the works of Jeffrey Wolf Green and Stephen Forrest and many other great authors.

My exploration of astrology extends to the ancient writings of Vettius Valens, Ptolemy, Abu Ma'shar, William Lilly, and many others. These ancients were introduced to me through the writings of Chris Brennan and Demetra George.  

Chiron continues to call me to a path of healing transformation through astrology. My deep dive into Chiron's symbolism and significance includes studying the works of Adam Gainsburg, Richard Nolle, Zane Stein, Barbara Hand Clow, Erminie Lantero and others.

In addition to self study I have studied Evolutionary Astrology in the Astro School of Timothy Halloran.

For the last several years, I have been diving deep into the study of ancient forms of astrology, modern mysticism and astral divination with Adam Elenbaas. I have taken Adam's first, second, and third-year programs, as well as multiple master classes, his Readings & Passages class, and Horary studies. I continue to study and practice, committed to deepening my understanding of the underlying systems of astrological philosophy from Western, Vedic, Tibetan, as well as Chinese systems.

My dedication to continuous learning is evident in my participation in conferences like NORWAC and workshops and lectures by esteemed astrologers such as Demetra George, Anne Ortelee, Becca Tarnas, Mychal Bryan, Sam Reynolds, Stephen Forrest, Adam Gainsburg, Gemini Brett, and others. My areas of interest include Hellenistic astrology, asteroids, horary, secondary and tertiary progressions, evolutionary astrology, astro-cartography, zodiacal releasing, lunar phases, astrology of health, as well as specific planetary energies such as Venus, Mars, Pluto, Uranus, Chiron and many other topics.

I am a member of NCGR, OPA, ISAR, the San Francisco Astrological Society, WSAA and Astrology Hub's Inner Circle.

Today, I continue to use astrology as a tool for healing, transformation, and personal growth, applying the archetypes of the planets to benefit individuals navigating various life challenges and transitions.