Medicine Work

Transformational Medicine Work

Exploring the synergy between intentional healing and celestial guidance, astrology emerges as a potent ally in augmenting the transformative power of plant medicine. While the euphoria of a psychedelic trip can be alluring, it is merely the surface of a journey of transformation and healing that unfolds over time. My experiences and continuous integration work have illuminated the rich insights and healing potential of plant medicine. These experiences act as catalysts, resetting our nervous system and energy channels, and paving the way for deep, transformative healing that extends beyond the transient nature of the trip.

I advocate for a disciplined approach, akin to the dieta practiced in Ayahuasca ceremonies, as part of any medicine journey. Although not mandatory for transformative healing, this practice can enhance the integration process, ensuring that our intentions are in harmony with the healing virtues of the medicine. Furthermore, maintaining a consistent relationship with shamanic practitioners, therapists, or journey guides is crucial. This partnership helps align our intentions with our medicinal practices, regulates the frequency of use, and facilitates the gradual unfolding of long-term healing over months or even years.

My practice is devoted to aiding individuals on their path to healing and self-discovery through plant medicine, guided by the insights of astrology and mindful integration practices. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or seeking to deepen your existing practice, I am committed to offering my sensitivity and expertise. My role is confined to working with and interpreting clients’ birth charts, progressions, transits, and timings, assisting with setting intentions, determining optimal timings for journeys, and aiding post-journey integration. While I do not personally guide journeys, I am situated in Berkeley, California, where certain plant medicines like mushrooms and ayahuasca have been decriminalized. Although I don't guide journeys myself, I do have connections in the community at large. Should you need this kind of support, please mention it during our sessions.