Astrology Consultations

(please review my astrology background before purchasing)

Experience personalized astrology consultations—available in person, or via video or phone—using techniques like Birth Charts, Progressions, Transits, Solar Returns, Zodiacal Releasing, and Horary. For relationship synastry readings, both partners must participate. Unlock cosmic guidance with email-based horary readings, or explore global influences through custom Astro-Cartography reports tailored to your goals. Dive deeper with Customized Astrological Reports answering your specific questions. Sample reports available upon request.

Learn Astrology

Enhance your astrological knowledge with my personalized tutoring sessions, available individually or in groups, covering topics from basic principles to advanced techniques. Join my engaging classes and public presentations to deepen your understanding and enjoy interactive discussions. Access downloadable audio, video, and written materials to support your learning at your own pace. Stay informed about upcoming workshops, webinars, and special presentations for unique learning opportunities and community connection. Whether you prefer one-on-one tutoring, group classes, or self-paced learning, my offerings are designed to help you explore astrology and related topics.

Transition Coaching

Experience transformative personal and professional growth with my specialized transition coaching services. My unique approach combines professional coaching techniques with astrology-based structures to help you navigate career changes, step into leadership roles, or undergo personal transformations. You'll gain clarity, confidence, and actionable strategies tailored to your goals. By aligning your transition plans with your unique circumstances, you'll achieve optimal outcomes and a sense of purpose. Learn more about my approach to intention and integration for successful transitions.