In recognition of the fact that I have relied upon the grace of many teachers and organizations to make my own access to the study of astrology affordable through scholarships, financial aid and work study, I offer a no one turned away for lack of funds (NOTAFLOF) policy on several of my astrology services. This does not include coaching. If you need financial assistance for a coaching package please contact me. The NOTAFLOF policy is intended to be self-serve by following the directions at this link.

Astrology Consultation

1 Session— $298
(please review my astrology background before purchasing)

This is for a live in person, video or phone astrology consultation on any topic you wish. Every technique and tool I have at my disposal is available in this reading. I don't price different styles of reading differently. Anything is on the table: Birth Charts, Progressions, Transits, Solar Returns, Zodiacal Releasing, Horary, etc. For synastry, I can provide personal advice; however, a partner must join for relationship guidance. —NOTAFLOF eligible

Private Tutoring Single Session

1 Session— $298
(please review my astrology background before purchasing)

Private Single Session  $298
In our single session, I’ll craft an astrological experience just for you, focusing on the parts of your chart and cosmic influences that intrigue you most. We’ll delve into the mysteries of the stars and planets, tailoring our exploration to your personal questions and curiosities. It’s a bespoke journey into the cosmos, designed to offer profound insights into your life’s celestial blueprint. Click below for more details. (NOTAFLOF)

Private Tutoring 12 Session Pack

12 Sessions— $2980 (optional payment plan eligible)
(please review my astrology background before purchasing)

Private 1x1 12-Session Pack— $2980
Embark on a personalized 12-session astrological journey with me, where each session is tailored to your evolving astrological interests and needs. Together, we’ll traverse the vast cosmos, from the foundational elements of your birth chart to the intricate details of specific astrological phenomena. This comprehensive exploration is your pathway to deep cosmic wisdom, aligning the stars with your personal journey. Click below for more details.

Group Tutoring 10 + Private 2 Pack

12 Sessions— $1111 per person (optional payment plan eligible)
(please review my astrology background before purchasing)

Private + Small Group Package 4-8 students 12-Sessions  $1111 per person
Enjoy the best of both worlds with two private sessions for personalized attention and ten small group sessions for interactive learning and shared insights with fellow astrology enthusiasts. These require coordination and are conducted when there is a cohort of at least 4 people. You may purchase now or contact me to be placed on the waiting list. When enough individuals are ready I will schedule the group sessions. Individual sessions can be booked anytime. Eligible for NOTAFLOF25.

Horary: Questions answered by email

Unlock the mysteries of the cosmos and gain insightful guidance with my horary reading services conducted via email. Horary astrology provides precise answers to specific questions by interpreting the celestial configurations at the moment of inquiry. Whether you seek clarity on relationships, career decisions, or life choices, my email-based horary readings offer accurate and timely responses. Simply submit your question, and I will delve into the celestial energies to provide you with detailed insights and guidance tailored to your query. Experience the power of ancient astrological wisdom at your fingertips with my horary reading services.

Astro-cartography written reports

While a full Astro-Cartography reading can be done in the live consultation, these written reports help you explore the intersection of your birth chart and the world's energetic landscapes with my Astro-Cartography services. Choose between a Relocation Analysis Report, which offers an examination of how a new location aligns with your natal chart, or a World Exploration Report, pinpointing three global locations that resonate with your specific life goals. Both services require your intentional orientation to tailor the insights to your personal journey, presented in custom reports written by me for you that illuminate the celestial influences of your intended paths. Ready to uncover the places where the stars align with your destiny?

A sample report of the World Exploration Report w/Horary can be found here.

Custom written reports

Dive into the depths of your personal astrological narrative with my Customized Astrological Report, each crafted to answer your specific questions and explore your unique cosmic journey. From intricate zodiacal releasing to pivotal planetary returns and beyond, these reports provide tailored insights into the celestial influences shaping your life. Experience the power of personalized astrology, where every report is a key to unlocking the mysteries of your individual astrological path. Anonymized sample available upon request.

Transition Coaching Packages

Experience a transformative journey of personal and professional growth with my specialized transition coaching services. My approach blends a rich background in professional and executive coaching techniques with a unique system derived from the structure of the traditional horoscope chart.

Drawing from a diverse toolkit of coaching methodologies, I incorporate traditional executive and leadership coaching techniques such as the SHED method, the Amazon leadership principles, the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, Steven Covey's seven habits, and other proven frameworks. These techniques are seamlessly integrated into our coaching sessions to provide you with actionable strategies and insights tailored to your transition goals.

What sets my transition coaching apart is the innovative use of astrology-based structures. I leverage the division of the 12 traditional houses into key areas of life as focal points for exploration and growth. Additionally, I harness the power of zodiacal releasing to strategically structure the timing of your transition plans, aligning them with your unique life circumstances for optimal outcomes.

My coaching process is designed to empower you to navigate transitions with clarity, confidence, and purpose. Whether you're transitioning careers, stepping into leadership roles, or embarking on personal transformations, my coaching sessions are tailored to support your journey towards success and fulfillment.

Read more about my approach to intention and integration as well as the method of supporting transition through the intention and integration process.

Intention and Integration

2 Sessions— $555

One session for Inention setting and one for Integration. Read more about my approach to intention and integration.

Intention, Transition and Integration

3 Sessions— $808

This adds a single transition session. Read more about my approach to intention and integration and supporting transition.

Additional Session Supplement

1 Session— $269

This is for a single session. These can be custom tailored and purchased repeatedly or in bundles during the engagement to supplement any coaching or astrology package. These are for existing clients and who have already completed their first consultation or are currently engaged in an intention and integration cycle. Please ask for the link.