Horary Services

Understanding Horary Astrology: A Comprehensive Guide for Clients

Introduction to Horary Astrology

Horary astrology, an ancient practice, offers precise answers to specific questions by examining the astrological chart at the question's moment. This branch of astrology is distinct from natal astrology as it provides immediate insights into particular concerns, making it a valuable tool for addressing urgent queries.

Historical Background

Originating in ancient Babylon, horary astrology flourished during the Hellenistic period and was further refined in medieval times. Influential figures like Claudius Ptolemy, Guido Bonatti, and William Lilly, whose 17th-century work "Christian Astrology" remains a key resource, significantly shaped its development.

Specialization in Complex Relationships

I specialize in horary readings tailored for polyamorous and LGBTQ+ individuals, as well as unconventional relationship dynamics. My expertise extends to interpreting the nuanced signifiers in a chart related to complex relationships, including polyamory, metamours, ménage à trois, and other non-traditional relationship structures. For intricate relationship questions involving multiple parties or choices, the multi-option horary service is recommended to accommodate the complexity of these dynamics.

Use Cases

Horary astrology can address various queries, from career and relocation to lost items and relationship outcomes. Its effectiveness lies in the question's specificity and personal significance.

Questions that a person may have, such as:

It's most effective when the question is clear, direct, and has significant importance to the querent (the person asking the question).

Preparation for a Reading

To optimize your horary reading:


While powerful, horary astrology is best for specific queries, offering direct "yes" or "no" answers, often with additional insights on the reasons or circumstances.

Ethical Considerations

Approach horary questions with sincerity, as frivolous or excessive inquiries can cloud the insights gained.


Horary astrology serves as a direct communicative channel with the cosmos, providing clear answers to life's pressing questions. Understanding its scope and preparing adequately for your reading, especially within the realms of complex relationships, ensures a meaningful and insightful experience. My specialization in horary readings for polyamorous and LGBTQ+ contexts underscores a commitment to providing inclusive and nuanced astrological guidance.