Private Tutoring Single Session

1 Session
(please review my astrology background before purchasing)

Private Single Session
In our single session, we will create a personalized astrological experience tailored specifically for you, concentrating on the topics and influences with which you need support. We will explore the mysteries of the stars and planets, focusing our journey on your unique questions and interests. This custom exploration is rooted in the rich traditions of ancient astrology, enhanced by modern interpretations, providing deep insights into the celestial forces shaping your life. —NOTAFLOF eligible

Private Tutoring 12 Session Pack

12 Sessions
(please review my astrology background before purchasing)

Private 1x1 12-Session Pack
Embark on a personalized 12-session astrological journey with me, where each session is tailored to your evolving astrological interests and needs. Together, we’ll traverse the vast cosmos, from the foundational elements of your birth chart to the intricate details of specific astrological phenomena. This comprehensive exploration is your pathway to deep cosmic wisdom, aligning the stars with your personal journey. Click below for more details.

Group Tutoring 10 + Private 2 Pack

12 Sessions
(please review my astrology background before purchasing)

Private + Small Group Package 4-8 students 12-Sessions
Enjoy the best of both worlds with two private sessions for personalized attention and ten small group sessions for interactive learning and shared insights with fellow astrology enthusiasts. These require coordination and are conducted when there is a cohort of at least 4 people. You may purchase now or contact me to be placed on the waiting list. When enough individuals are ready I will schedule the group sessions. Individual sessions can be booked anytime. Eligible for NOTAFLOF25.