Intention and Integration

The Power of Intention and Integration: A Path to Transformation

In the journey of personal development and growth, the concepts of intention and integration play a pivotal role. My coaching approach focuses on aligning intention with outcomes while integrating the lessons learned into everyday life.

This approach can be viewed in one way as a system designed to guide individuals toward their desired outcomes while maintaining balance across all aspects of life. It is divided into three categories: intention and integration, activities and the mundane, and effort and energy.

Intention and Integration

At the core of this coaching philosophy lies the principle of intention. The client and I connect with a their astrology chart to help them align their intentions and their desired outcomes with their current life circumstances. By examining birth charts, timing techniques, and life transits, together we create a transition roadmap for transformation.

Integration is the key to turning intentions into lived experiences and personal wisdom. After guiding clients through transitions and changes, I facilitate integration sessions where they work to understand the results of their journey. This integration of knowledge and experience is crucial for personal growth and lasting change.

Activities and the Mundane

The second category encompasses what we do, what we say and the "stuff" we have around us that we give energy to: all the mundane non-living facets of life. I work with clients to align their physical actions, communication style, and overall lifestyle with their intentions by using the information in their birth chart. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of their life supports their goals and values.

Effort and Energy

In astrology planets witness each other and we pull that idea into the coaching to develop and strengthen the ability to be aware of what we are doing and even what we are thinking. In addition to this power of witnessing we include effort, and concentration to form the foundation of this category. 

I encourage clients to independently engage in mindfulness practices so they can learn to witness their thoughts and experiences without judgment so as to maintain discernment regarding the impact of their experiences towards their intentions. Effort and concentration are channeled towards staying focused on their intentions and maintaining a high level of energy and motivation. This work will require the client to engage in an introspective practice of at least one method of self reflection such as: journaling, meditation and contemplation.

Continuing the Journey

These coaching sessions are not just about short-term fixes but about empowering clients to continue the journey of intention and integration on their own. Whether they work with me for one session or several, they are encouraged to embrace this cycle of growth and transformation independently.