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"Ryan, just to say quickly - I have been still so impressed by our session and thank you so much!! It was particularly helpful too hear you say, being straight forward, about the dividedness I struggle with. I have been slowly rewriting notes from the session and would like to ask a few questions.. Could lead to another session, which your discount will have helped me afford, thank you again!" —Kate

Navigating change with ancient wisdom and modern guidance.

You've probably heard the metaphor of our experiences being like the cocoon that changes us into a butterfly. But, why is it that we often feel like we are stuck in the cocoon, waiting for that moment of emergence? Like the seed that's yet to sprout into a towering tree? Many of us resonate with these metaphors, and yet yearn for our moments of emergence after the growth and renewal.

If you've ever found yourself pondering when your chrysalis will crack open, or when your tree will finally begin to sprout, you're not alone. For much of our lives, it can feel like we're in a perpetual state of transition, eagerly awaiting our moment of transformation.

This is where astrology plays a crucial role in supporting personal growth as well as transition planning for career and major life changes. By understanding the movements of the planets and their transits in our lives, we gain insight into cycles of our own personal journey. Astrology helps us see that while some parts of us may still be in the chrysalis, other parts have already transformed into butterflies, or are firmly rooted as trees.

Through the wisdom of astrology, we can anticipate moments of change and facilitate our own transformations. Whether you're seeking guidance on navigating life's challenges or unlocking your true potential, astrology offers a map to help guide you on your journey of self-discovery.

Join me, Ryan Hunt, your astrologer and transition coach, as we delve into the celestial influences that shape our lives and learn how to harness their power for growth and transformation. Together, let's unlock the mysteries of the cosmos and embark on a journey of personal evolution.